Happy Sunday! Things are moving along with the building of the store! The floor is being installed, bookshelves are almost completed and soon we will be filling those shelves with thousands of books. As a new bookstore and literacy lab owner, I am learning so much about the business side of literacy! As a former K-12 classroom teacher and reading specialist, I knew that getting a hold of quality reading materials and literacy activities was a costly business, but boy oh boy was I naive!

We are holding a fundraiser to support local literacy

Planning a new business anytime and especially during COVID takes quite a bit of creativity! As a teacher, I’ve been thinking outside of the box for my students for years! My main goals for the Bookstore and Literacy Lab is to foster reading and writing engagement for our children and teens. The literacy lab will provide literacy services for everyone. BUT, what I’m really excited about are the free literacy events. I would like events like read alouds, themed holiday events, author visits, and valuable speakers to be free for everyone. To help supplement our opening budget, I have decided to ask help of the community. This week, I am starting a flamingo flocking fundraiser. A flock of Park Books and Literacy Lab flamingos need help finding their way home!

Here’s how it works:

Please email and request a flock of flamingo yard signs be placed in a neighbor’s yard! If you receive a flock, we ask that you help us continue moving them along! Provide a donation using Venmo or PayPal. (Recommended donation is $20, but any amount will be greatly appreciated). All monies raised will support future community literacy events and 10% will be split among the local PTAs for our children returning to the classroom. School fundraising efforts have been tough during COVID and Park Books and Literacy Lab wants to help!

Also, if you receive a flock and are unable to participate with a donation currently, DO NOT WORRY! Those pesky flamingos will move along in 48 hours! Lastly, if you are not local but still would like to support literacy please donate! Every bit helps to support events that will impact so many children!

Donations can be made through paypal or venmo:

Scan for Venmo


Thank you in advance for supporting your local schools, and literacy events this summer at Park Books and Literacy Lab!