Book Clubs

The LitCoLab at Park Books offers weekly, teacher-led children’s book clubs (fee), a monthly adult club, and is happy to support your community, adult book clubs by providing a comfy meeting place.

“Park Books & Literacy Lab brings a much needed service to our community! Their book clubs are fun, engaging, and so well run. It’s been wonderful to see my kids excited about reading with their friends!” Melissa (parent of a 5th and 3rd grader)

“Ms. Melody made book club so much fun, and reading a book with my friends made it even better!” Everly (age 10)

This month’s book club offerings!

Let’s read together! Schedule is below and you can reserve your spot by clicking on the link below. After you register, you will receive an email with additional information and you can pay the fee (if any) upon arrival at the first meeting. Bookclubs with a fee are teacher facilitated. The book is included in the fee, along with a highly qualified teacher who will instruct, encourage, and help facilitate a book discussion.

Book ClubMeeting Day and TimesBook Titlefee
3rd – 6th gradeSeptember
9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28
Tracks with the AUTHOR!$135
Age 10+ October
10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26
What Lives in the Woods$135
Teen/Parent BookClub
One meeting only:
December 2nd 7-8p.m.
Defy the Night0
Adult readersUsually the Thursday of the month
8 p.m.
Nov/Dec Book club due to Thanksgiving
Please purchase your books from our store when possible
9/30 The Invisible Woman (FULL)
(Author will be joining!)
10/28 I Don’t Forgive You
(Author will be joining!)
12/2 Defy the Night
(Author will be joining!)
Please sign up by calling or use the calendar below to register

About Book Clubs

Guided Book Club for Kids

Most book clubs meet over the course of 4, 6, or 9 weeks. Please check check the chart above or call the store for more information!

Minimum participants = 3 & maximum = 8

Each month of the year, book clubs will be offered for kids of all ages. There will be groups for on-level readers in the 3rd though 8th grades and YA book clubs for high schoolers and some mature 8th graders. All guided book clubs will be led by a certified teacher or reading specialist. The primary goal of of the club is to engage young readers in a fun and leisurely past time! Reading should be fun! The Book Guide will teach the Socratic method as a way to discuss a book and as a way to be heard. Consider reading books with us all year long! Book clubs will meet in-person (following state mandated protocols) virtually, and in hybrid fashion if necessary.

Book clubs are in full swing! Get ready to join the next title beginning in May.

Teacher facilitated, weekly book clubs are $40 a week and include a copy of the book.

Guided Book Club Series for Kids

Just like the regular guided book club, some specialists are just itching to read a whole series with your children! Keep your eyes peeled!

Community Ran Adult Book Clubs


Please contact us if you would like to hold your book club at the store!

We would be happy to host your existing community book club. The store has two large meeting rooms to discuss books and be merry! Our only ask: please purchase your books in our store. If your book club knows what they will be reading, please reach out to Melody at or stop in the store to reserve copies. We can special order almost any title. Need help picking your next read? Let us help! If you are interested in joining our book clubs, please pop in and see what we are reading!

Manga Club for Teens!

Join us on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. Come and discuss your favorite Manga! Manga club resumes on October 5th.

Guided Book Bundles

Cost will vary based upon visiting book guide/professor.

Do you miss diving into a topic like you once did in college? Do you think your teen may listen to someone else regarding healthy habits or relationships? The lab will host guided book reading bundles throughout the year. Book bundle groups will be led by awesome professionals in our community. Participants will purchase a bundle of books that will be read over the course of 2, 4, or even 6 months. These bundles will be chosen based upon theme/topic, genre, and/or author. Some book bundles being put together now are: “Healthy habits and Self-esteem” for teens, “The Dystopian World Today” and “Understanding Race Issues” for adults and mature teens.

“Park Books & Literacy Lab is an astounding place. I adore their book clubs because most of the book clubs I’ve been in you’ve had set in stone deadline and you had to write about what you’ve read. At Park Books, you get to set your own plan for reading and you get to discuss your favorite parts of the chapters and what you think is going to happen next. I especially like to debate about what happened in the story. I love becoming closer with the kids in my club because we get to share our own stories that are related to the text. Mrs. Wukitch made books ten times better! I would like to praise Park Books and Literacy Lab for helping me be more engaged in my reading and Mrs. Wukitch even taught me some grammar!”

Elena W. (age 11)

Come read with us!