JODI PICOULT: Special Guest at Apollycon 2023

Jodi Picoult’s UPCOMING and most RECENT releases!

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How do I get books signed at Apollycon by Jodi?

Meeting your favorite author can be incredibly exciting. Whether this will be your first experience or you go year after year, Apollycon is a ton of fun and an awesome opportunity to meet all of your favorite authors. Park Books was thrilled to learn that JODI PICOULT will be the special guest at the 2023 event. To support her and her readers, Park Books will run her preorder campaign AND provide books onsite at the event!

How many books will she sign?

Generally, Jodi will sign 3 titles at Apollycon; HOWEVER, preorders DON’T COUNT! Yep! Bring your favorite 3 books from home and pick up new titles at the event and Jodi will sign when you meet her at the event!

I want to read Mad Honey and other books before the event!

SAME! Don’t worry–since Park Books ships books domestically and internationally, we can ship your preorders to you OR you can choose “Local Pickup” and that will tell us to bring the books to the conference for you!

How many books can I buy?

Any of Jodi’s books that are available to us, you can buy. If you have special requests (i,e. hardcovers of older titles, etc.) please send us an email. We will be happy to order those books on your behalf and bring them to the conference.

But why? Why is Park Books doing all this?

Why? Because we love authors and readers. We love books. Our goal is to get great books into the hands of readers and we are happy to make the process as easy as possible.