Mystery Box Menu for Voracious Readers

Mystery boxes are a great way to mix up what you’re devouring AND a great way to send an awesome surprise to a friend or family member. Let Park Books curate a box just for you! A bookseller will hand pick titles we think you’ll love based on what box you choose and any additional info you share with us! Do you love thrillers but not into series? Love romance but nothing too spicy? Are you desperate for a new memoir but don’t know who to read next? Does your kiddo need books about kindness or are they struggling to stay engaged with reading? Choose from a selection of the menu below and then give us a little extra info (if you want) and we’ll put something together for you!

Media mail shipping (US only) or if local, you can pick up! We will make sure you get awesome items that fit the box, plus a few extra fun, bookish things! Unfortunately, we can’t offer refunds if it is something you’ve already read. Our suggestion: pass it on!

Mystery boxes may include books (hard & soft cover) and sometimes cool gift items we think you may like!

To order, select from the menu below and then give some specifics with us on the ordering page.

Small Plates & Main Dishes

Mystery & Thriller Pinwheels
Unexpected flavor combinations that keep you on your toes and delight the adventurous palette

Romance on the Half Shell
A titillating taste of love, served up warm or maybe hot?

Bread Basket with Fictional Spread
Current and/or timely reads with broad appeal for the indecisive reader

Mixed hors d’oeuvre
Great reads for the adventurous reader that never says no

Braised Lamb Chop with Honey Roasted Carrots
Savory blend of historical fiction with notes of nostalgia, old- world charm and intrigue

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Freeze Dried Mushroom Caps
A fusion of the unexpected and surprising for those that enjoy futuristic flavors that are out of this world

Feel Good Chopped Salad
Served chilled and with NO unhappy endings. Mixed genre

Fricassée of Prestige
Thoughtful blend of award winning authors for the most discerning reader

Coq au Vin d’Memoir
Narrative and personal with a hint of thyme and reminiscence for any introspective reader

Nonfiction Bouillabaisse
Traditional stew that may be seasoned with history, philosophy, biography, memoir, and/or social science.

Mind-Body-Spirit Meunière
Lightly dusted in comfort and growth mindset with a hint of “kick your ass in gear!”

Farm-to-Table Hash
Locally sourced, marked, and organically grown mixed selection of Maryland authors

Côte de Classics
Aged classics with a hint of modern day retellings

Books à l’Orange
Seasonal selections with notes of warm cinnamon, fall hay rides, and family themes

Disgustingly delicious selections that will tempt any horror enthusiast

Children’s Menu

Buffet of Middle Grades
A Playful blend of high-interest titles for the ravenous reader

Young Adult Nom Nom Noms
Fresh and delicious finger foods with just enough edge to feel new

Trio of Picture Books
Delightfully illustrated and thought- provoking for readers of all ages

Nonfiction Tarte Tatin
A blend of children’s nonfiction to engage the curious palette

Early Readers Tart
Zesty, high interest, beginning chapter books to fill the bellies of new readers

Fun, fruity puree parfait
Durable and sweet board books make for the loveliest of treats for infant readers

5 Layers of Tween
A visually engaging collection of middle grades fiction, graphic novels, and other fun stuff

Our books are responsibly caught from sustainable sources.