Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman




Hardcover Picture Book

Discover the surprising origins of the legendary caped crusader in this entertaining picture book biography for young fans of Batman and superheroes

Batman’s biggest secret is not Bruce Wayne . . .

Every Batman story is marked with the words, “Batman created by Bob Kane.” But that isn’t the whole truth. A struggling writer named Bill Finger was involved from the beginning. Bill helped invent Batman, from concept to costume to character. He dreamed up Batman’s haunting origins and his colorful nemeses. Despite his brilliance, Bill worked in obscurity. It was only after his death that fans went to bat for Bill, calling for acknowledgment that he was co-creator of Batman.

Cartoonist and popular Batman artist Ty Templeton brings Marc Tyler Nobleman’s exhaustive research to life. Perfect for reluctant readers and those bridging from easy readers to longer narratives, this classic underdog story will inspire all readers to take ownership of, and pride in, their work.